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Digital Business Card Features

Interactive and Digital

Create customized digital business cards based on your needs. Allow users to swipe and tap to access different types of information and enhanced branding opportunities.

Smart Communication

It works automatically with NFC enabled smartphones, both in android and iOS. No apps needed to use your Hada card and you can update your information with a single tap.

Privacy Protection

By implementing data encryption techniques we secure the information transmitted and stored on the digital business card.


Hada Card is a sustainable solution to traditional paper business cards. It is an effective way to network while also being mindful of the environment.

Choose Your Card

Switch to the next generation business card. Provide a more efficient and sustainable way of sharing contact information.
In Hada World we have classified the cards into 4 Varieties.

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Card Is The Next Generation Business Card

A business card is the first tangible aspects that stays with customers and establish a unique place in your customers’ minds. The choice of traditional business cards is limited. So, it the time to upgrade traditional business cards to more safe, engaging, and effective way of contactless networking.

Share your contact information digitally that can be downloaded instantly to your smartphone. Maintain a constant presence and lasting impressions in the minds of your audience with the best NFC digital business card.

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Download Our Hada Card APP From Google Play Store And Apple APP Store To Manage Your Business And Personal Info By Your Self
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